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Below are examples of kinds of commissions that are currently being offered.  Each is listed with their base price according to the size of the commission, please keep in mind prices will very depending on the amount of work desired. 

(Note: All commissions may be recorded and uploaded to social media, if you do not wish for your commission to be uploaded this must be started before the start of the commission.)

Length Chart Clear.png
Commissions: Welcome
MomoMonroe Nov 2022 BW.png


This is a basic clean sketch. (Example shown is full body)

Head- $20.00+ USD

Bust- $35.00+ USD

Half Body- $55.00+ USD

Full Body- $60.00+ USD

Each sketch comes with 2 changes, after which each change will cost an additional $5.00 USD

Evalyn Nov 2022 Blue.png


This is the same as a sketch, but colored (Or b/w) and lightly shaded. (Example shown is full body)

Head- $30.00+ USD

Bust- $45.00+ USD

Half Body- $65.00+ USD

Full Body- $85.00+ USD

Each sketch comes with 3 changes, after which each change will cost an additional $5.00 USD

TakodaVega Pocket Watch Gold.png


$45.00+ USD (Example shown is a complicated item)

This includes items such as: 

- Brooches
- Rings
- Necklaces
- Collars (Can come with a lock/key upon request)
- Earrings
- Body Piercings
- Buttons 
- Bracelets
- Cuffs
- Pendants


-Spell Components

- Other

Complicated items such as open lockets, open pocket watches, or complex armor, weapons, or magical items will start their price at $60.00 UDS

Each piece comes with 4 changes, after which each change will cost an additional $5.00 USD

Blue Adopt.png


$250.00 USD

Character reference sheets come with one body nude or clothed, one item, a closeup of the character, and a color pallet of the character (not clothing), and a color/ theme appropriate frame.  The artist picks the pose.

Wings, tails, scales, horns, or other parts of the body do not incur any extra fees. 

This also includes the option of additionally receiving the character full body and item as seen on the character sheet as a transparent PNG.

Each character sheet comes with 7 changes, after which each change will cost an additional $5.00 USD

Monkeyonastick Orc Croc Rock.png


$15.00 USD or more

PWYW means that a client pays any price over $15.00 USD and offers an idea of the subject matter, meaning an item, character, animal, etc. After which Kruhee will pick the rest to match the already offered aesthetics. There are no changes other than superficial edits to color and the level of the commission falls in line with what a person might otherwise be paying. It is acceptable to commission a PWYW image and not have any references given the client understands they will get back something relatively random. (Pictured is a PWYW piece)

Commissions: Projects


Elements of your commission not included in the base cost, or must be requested.

  • The multiplier for adding multiple people to the image.  +75% of the base cost per extra person. 

  • Decorative background, this includes items such as fruits, flowers, insects, desserts, clouds, etc... +50% of the base cost. 

  • Scene background,  this includes a simple environment with lighting scheme. Not a perspective-heavy scene. This background will use aperture blur to focus on the subject. +60% of the base cost. 

  • Simple background, this includes transparent, hearts, stars, sparkles, flower petals, basic geometric shape designs, color splotches, etc. This option is free. 

  • Creating a small 95 by 95 pix PNG image of your commission can be requested at no extra cost. 

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