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Professionalism in Every Project

Check out some of the valued clients I’ve been privileged to work with. All remain anonymous for the privacy of clients.

Client 2


I think the best part about commissioning Kruhee is her ability to meet you wherever it is you need her to be. If you go to her with a general concept of what you want, she'll knock it out of the park in a way that will have you saying, "I didn't even know I wanted that but it came out amazing". But if you know exactly what you want? Then she'll take that image you have in your head, peel it out of your mind, and slap it together into a physical form for you to stare at and receive massive amounts of Serotonin for a questionable amount of time (trust me, I've been in both categories of commissions!) Above all, she's been the only artist I've found who truly does care whether you're 100% happy with your commission, which is worth it for that fact alone!

Client 3


I have commissioned quite a few characters from Kruhee. Each one better then the last. The amount of detail put into her work is outstanding. And I know she works with her husband to accurately depict armor and weapons. Her work is quick and professional, willing to work with me on anything I might want incorporated into the drawing. I often times go to her with a rough image of what I want and she is able to make good improvised choices from what I leave out to give me the best character art I could ask for. She under-prices her work, so remember to leave a tip, she definitely deserves it.

Client 5


Perhaps the fastest turn around I have come across when it comes to commissions. Kruhee was quick and efficient, as well as easy to talk to when it comes to understanding my commission desires. They were very accommodating with changes and I really appreciate the effort they put into making sure I was satisfied. I will definitely return for more in the future.

Client 6


Fast, clean, and easygoing. Kruhee was open to communication and fine-tuning ideas from the get-go, asking questions for clarification and getting me thinking about how to better communicate what I wanted before it even got to the stage of needing to make changes midway. Even then, moving some details around in the sketching phase was no problem, and she kept me updated consistently throughout the process, with an end result that was everything I wanted for the character. Easy recommendation for anyone!

Client 4


I got a commission that I suppose was a limited deal, in which you pay what you want and the artist does what they think is appropriate. I tossed out some money and was ready to be happy with anything, even line art considering that I was asking for both a character and their animal companion, but I was really amazed by the quality of the art piece I got. I would recommend Kruhee any time, and am currently waiting for a slot to open to commission another piece.

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