• From the first message, it usually takes a day or two before a price can be settled on and an invoice sent to the client. This process can be faster or slower depending on the availability of those involved. At this time the artist will declare the clients estimated place on the waitlist. The client is expected to present their reference material in the initial conversation before any invoice will be sent. 

  • Please keep in mind that inquiry about a commission is not a place holder, a place on the commission list is only solidified after total payment. 

  • A PayPal invoice will be sent to the client of the agreed upon price. Commissions will be completed in the order they were paid, regardless of when the initial communications happened to be. After the invoice has been paid, the artist will confirm the solidified place on the waitlist and estimate an ETA on the start of their commission. 

  • Commissions take anywhere from a week to a month, clients who are in the active commission process will be informed as to the progress on their piece every Friday, or as applicable throughout the week. Clients will be informed as they move up the waitlist. 

  • Generally two pieces will be worked on at a time, larger commissions taking up more work time than smaller in a usual work day. 

  • I work 5 days a week, taking two off every week to spend time on personal projects, and rest. Office hours are 3 pm to 9 pm (PT) for contact.