When contacting for a commission I request all clients follow these guidelines in order to provide the best result possible.

Type of Commission: [ Head / Bust / Half Body / Full Body, Sketch / Line art / Full etc ]

Number of Characters: [ Single or Multiple ] With a link to the character page if applicable.

Background: [ Simple / Decorative / Scene / Transparent and a description if needed]

Description of Commission: [Please include any important characteristics or personality traits of the character. Let me know if there is a specific pose or expression wanted the character drawn in or provide a few general ideas for posing if there is something specific in mind. If a background is desired please describe relevant details.]

I ask that all clients fill out the relevant information to the best of their ability:
Please download all images and host them to Imgur for direct links or create and label an Imgur album.
Place each link within the < >. for multiple images just repeat the process.

1.) Skin Color: <direct image link here Or HEX #>
2.) Hair Color: <direct image link here Or HEX #>
3.) Hair Style: <direct image link here>
4.) Eye Color: <direct image link here Or HEX #>
5.) Torso shape: <direct image link here>
6.) Arms: <direct image link here>
7.) Bust: <direct image link here>
8.) Legs: <direct image link here>
9.) Face shape: <direct image link here>
10.) Expression: <direct image link here>
11.) Clothing/Armor (including colors): <direct image link here>
12.) Weapons: <direct image link here>
13.) Pose: <direct image link here>
14.) Tattoos:* <direct image link here>

*All tattoos in which there is no reference image will incur a 15.00 USD design fee.

15.) Anything extra such as horns, webbing, scales, tails, ears, tentacles, or other: <direct image link here>

Fill in each with the appropriate details, if a category does not apply, please leave it blank or use N/A. This means if a body reference is covered by one picture then including multiple images for arms, legs and other body parts is not needed. When showing a reference please take into account what parts of it are desired and which are not. For example “use this image as an example for armor style, but don't include the cape and hood.” The more clear a client can be about what they envision, the easier it is for me to help it become a reality. Please remember that being unclear when it comes to references and descriptions means that any changes fall on the fault of the client and not the artist.  

I do NOT accept low quality drawings or images as a sole reference for any category. This includes images in which important items may be obscured, the image is too pixelated to see pressing details, or drawings in which it is not immediately apparent what something is.

Email: [Please provide an email I may send the Paypal invoice. This will only be sent after we discuss pricing.]

For more instruction please see Setting Up References


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