ToS Applicable only to Patrons of Kruhee's Patreon

These terms might change in time, adding new ones or changing old ones to fit my artistic growth. When joining as a Patron you are agreeing to these terms mentioned below and are expected to already be/ or become, aware of them:

  • Patrons are responsible for contacting Kruhee about their reward commission before the 15th of each month they remain a Patron. If no contact is made via Discord or the Patreon Messaging System then the reward will be considered forfeit with the exception of emergency.

  • Patrons who need more time than the 15th of the month to consider their reward commission(s) may ask for an extension to the last day of the month. 

  • Should a Patron experience a medical, family, or other emergency that has hampered the ability to contact they may ask for a refund of their pledge and forgo their monthly rewards or may be given the ability to come back for their reward commission at a later date within 6 months of contact. 

  • No commission reward will contain images that include or promote hate speech, segregation, degradation or otherwise would support ideas that are harmful to a group of people in the real world. Nothing that supports animal cruelty or the abuse of under-aged peoples. Nor shall any reward commission contain incest. If a Patron attempts to hide these while proceeding with reward  commission they will be blocked and their Patron pledge will not be returned. 

  • NSFW is available, however it must conform to the aforementioned rule of not promoting non-consensual harm and must not depict children/ under age peoples, or those who appear under aged. NSFW reward commissions will NOT be shown in the weekly art dump. 

  • Kruhee reserves the right to turn down a reward commission idea for falling outside the realm of the reward tier, or involving subject matter that makes them as an artist uncomfortable. In this instance the Patron will be asked to choose a different topic. 

  • Patrons will be asked to provide clear references for their reward commission(s) which can be previous artworks, reference sheets, clear images, HEX color codes, or well written descriptions. If a Patron does not include clear examples of what they want it will be presumed the area is left up to artistic freedom. 

  • Kruhee reserves the right to post Work In Progress images to their social media and portfolio, as well as finished pieces. 

  • All Reward Commissions retain the commercial copyright of Kruhee and are not available for replication and duplicate resale. 

  • Commission tiers may change in price with a month of advanced warning depending on the current economic climate in the USA. All Patrons will have advanced warning before the change as to decide if they wish to remain patrons after pricing changes. 


  • All reward images are made at 300 PPI at whatever dimensions are appropriate for the image unless otherwise requested. Images will be sent in a PNG file unless requested otherwise.

  • Reward commissions may take anywhere between 3 days to 1 month to complete depending on what’s going on in Kruhee’s life at the time.

  • Monthly Thank You letters go out in the last week of the month to allow more time for manufacturing and voting on preferred items. If a patron has no included a functioning mailing address by this time they will be considered "opted out" for that month's letter.