These terms might change in time, adding new ones or changing old ones. When asking for a commission, the client is accepting all of the conditions mentioned below and is expected to already be aware of the listed terms

  • The commission will not begin until the client has paid the agreed upon PayPal Invoice. Payment will only be accepted in the form of a PayPal invoice sent to the client after discussing the price of a commission. 

  • No commission will contain images that include or promote hate speech, segregation, degradation or otherwise would support ideas that are harmful to a group of people in the real world. Nothing that supports animal cruelty or the abuse of under-aged peoples. Nor shall any commission contain incest. If a client attempts to hide these while proceeding with a commission they will be blacklisted.

  • NSFW is available, however it must conform to the aforementioned rule of not promoting non-consensual harm and must not depict children/ under age peoples, or those who look under aged.

  • The artist reserves the right to cancel a commission at any time for any reason. Please see Refunds for further information. 

  • Clients must follow the reference image policies applicable to the type of commission they wish to purchase. By not being clear with their desires and references clients are at fault for miscommunication and when requesting changes and edits use their predetermined number of edits OR must pay for changes made.  

  • Clients must follow policies regarding the number of edits or changes available for a given commission. Edits or changes that go beyond the predetermined amount will be subject to a $5.00 USD fee per edit. 

  • Commissions that require more details, and therefore more time intensive work will be charged accordingly. This starts at $15.00 USD and may increase depending upon the details requested. 

  • The artist reserves the right to post Work In Progress images to their social media and portfolio, as well as finished pieces. 

  • All images are NOT sold with the commercial copyright for replication or redistribution without a previously agreed upon contract. 

  • Prices are subject to fluctuations in accordance to growing skill level, inflation, and economy. They will always be clearly marked and agreed on before commissions are subject to begin. 

  • As of January 1st 2021 the client is fully responsible for the retention of their commission image. Should the client request a replacement this will come with a $5.00 USD file fee if it is even possible. 

  • All images are made at 300 PPI at whatever dimensions are appropriate for the image unless otherwise requested. Images will be sent in a PNG file unless the commission requires another file format. ​

  • I, Kruhee will not duplicate another artists style. If you wish for a piece that looks like that of another artist, please contact them.

  • Commissions may take anywhere between 3 days to 1 month to complete depending on artist discretion and schedule. For any who need their piece right away please let me know. There may be an added fee for tight deadlines.




When contacting for a commission I request all clients follow these guidelines to the best of their ability in order to provide the best result possible.

Type of Commission: [ Head / Bust / Half Body / Full Body, Sketch / Colored Sketch Ect ]

Number of Characters: [ Single or Multiple ] 

Background: [ Simple / Decorative / Scene / Transparent and a description if needed]

Description of Commission: [Please include any important characteristics or personality traits of the character. Let me know if there is a specific pose or expression wanted the character drawn in or provide a few general ideas for posing if there is something specific in mind. If a background is desired please describe relevant details.]

I ask that all clients fill out the relevant information to the best of their ability:

Place each link within the < >. for multiple images just repeat the process. 

All references MUST be sent in the same commination method and sent at the same time. I will not accept references scattered over multiple places or days.

Areas that are not applicable or may be left to artistic liberties/ interpretation may be left out, left blank, or filled in with "N/A." 

1.) Skin Color: <direct image link here Or HEX #>
2.) Hair Color: <direct image link here Or HEX #>
3.) Hair Style: <direct image link here>
4.) Eye Color: <direct image link here Or HEX #>
5.) Torso shape: <direct image link here>
6.) Arms: <direct image link here>
7.) Bust: <direct image link here>
8.) Legs: <direct image link here>
9.) Face shape: <direct image link here>
10.) Expression: <direct image link here>
11.) Clothing/Armor (including colors): <direct image link here>
12.) Weapons: <direct image link here>
13.) Pose: <direct image link here>
14.) Tattoos:* <direct image link here>

*All tattoos in which there is no reference image will incur a 15.00 USD design fee.

15.) Anything extra such as horns, webbing, scales, tails, ears, tentacles, or other: <direct image link here>

Fill in each with the appropriate details, if a category does not apply, please leave it blank or use N/A. This means if a body reference is covered by one picture then including multiple images for arms, legs and other body parts is not needed. When showing a reference please take into account what parts of it are desired and which are not. For example “use this image as an example for armor style, but don't include the cape and hood.” The more clear a client can be about what they envision, the easier it is for me to help it become a reality. Please remember that being unclear when it comes to references and descriptions means that any changes fall on the fault of the client and not the artist.  

I do NOT accept low quality drawings or images as a sole reference for any category. This includes images in which important items may be obscured, the image is too pixelated to see pressing details, or drawings in which it is not immediately apparent what something is.

Email: [Please provide an email I may send the Paypal invoice. This will only be sent after we discuss pricing.]



Policies on Changing and Editing Commissions

Each type commission comes with a predetermined number of changes or edits that may be made. This includes small and large changes. After the preset number has been used, the client will be subject to a $5.00 USD fee for every subsequent edit. 

Edits made because of a mistake by way of the artist do not count towards the total nor will they be subject to a fee. Edits made due to miscommunication of the side of the client do count towards the total. 

Clients must be clear with their reference images, descriptions, and desires any and all information not shared WILL be left to artistic license and thus if they must be changed will count as miscommunication on the side of the client. Please see References



Policies on Payment

When it comes to payments I like to use Paypal as it leaves an easy record of who has paid what and documents this.

When we have decided upon a piece and settled on a price, I will send an invoice for full payment upfront. Once payment has cleared the client will be entered in the waitlist and be informed as to when the commission has started, an estimated ETA for the next WIP check in, and and weekly updates on progress. Upon completion the client will receive an image to check over, if no changes need to be made the final image in high quality 300 PPI will be sent.



Refunds and Returns

I understand that at times clients will need to refund their art and in these occasions I have some rules to follow to make the process smoother on both sides. There are no questions asked about a clients personal life on my part when it comes to refunds. If a client is looking for a refund, please follow the applicable line of action below.

Client Wishes to Cancel Invoice: If a client wishes to cancel an invoice before it has been paid, please inform me through our original communication means and inform of this desire. It will be canceled within 48 hours. 

Commission Has Yet To Start: If a clients commission has yet to begin a full refund is available. In this instance please inform me via our original communication means and state the desire for a refund. I will refund the clients full amount via Paypal. Please do not attempt to contest an invoice as this will result in the refund becoming bogged down as a representative from Paypal will get involved to settle the dispute. In this instance what could have taken a day or two can be weeks of stress that neither I nor the client wish to go through.

The Commission Has Already Started: If a client wishes for a refund but the commission has already started, whatever phase the commission is in will be finished and sent to the client as the finished product and whatever is left as a prorated cost will be returned. This is to pay for my time and work, but also to serve as a fair compromise to the client.

The Commission Has Ended: Once a commission is complete there can be no refund. The work and man hours have already gone into completing the work and the client has had several opportunities to cancel during the multiple progress checks throughout the commission process. The commission may be resold to another buyer (non commercially) however there can be no refund in this instance.

If a client attempts a forced refund after a commission is finished they will be blacklisted. 

I Cancel A Client's Commission: If for any reason I, the artist, cancel a client's commission they will be entitled to a full refund. With the exception of breaking my ToS, in which case the client will receive a prorated refund as seen above in "The Commission Has Already Started"